Website development & design

The production of an intricate or simple website including design, content, scripting and coding, security, shopping and feedback while allowing your site to be easily found in search engines and social media. You’ll have final say on all design and function features with meticulous planning.


SEO/ content writing

Search engine optimisation allows your business to reach a further audience and the improves the quality of content provided by using the systems already in place allowing your service and product become easily available and attainable to your clients.


Social Media Management

Updating, regular posting and researching, promotions and upkeep of your social media making sure your customers see your business and products and what it can do for them on a networking platform.


Data entry

Entering information into a computer or data-recording system, any lengthy service that requires multiple entries repetitively


Online research

Focused and purposeful collection of information specific to your business and marketing needs


Email management

An essential part of communication and customer service management, maximising efficiency and minimising negative effects upon your business


Social tasks

Management of all social media and events, including updating blogs and posts, research of social impact, event planning and maintaining an online presence for exposure


Travel research

Gathered intelligence on all things travel from the basics of flights and accommodation to customs, laws, domestic and international economics and marketing


Customer service

Personalised and professional high quality interaction and advice for people within your business and those who integrate with your products or services


Chasing business

Sourcing and executing quality business leads according to market trends and demand through extensive research and networking


Industry knowledge prep

Gain essential insight into your market and competitors, giving you an edge and preparation for any changes or profitable niche sectors


Copy writing

The ultimate in advertising, an avenue to persuade and increase brand awareness for your business with graduate level literacy and marketing


Market research

Extensive collection of consumers needs and demands from your market sector



I have fluency in English as my main language and have proficiency in Serbo-Croatian, Russian and French


Proofreading and transcription

Finding and correcting errors in content before publication and writing and printing spoken word in real time


Literature review.

Evaluative reports of sourced information relative to your needs as a business for presentation


I’m proficient in multiple systems in platforms and can cater to each business need. Below are the systems I currently work with:


Screen Shot 2017-07-13 at 11.07.55 pm.png


“With having a chaotic schedule and being heavily time poor having VE assist with all administrative duties made work life seamless. Would highly recommend to anyone with a small business, startup, and or sole traders.”

– Leilani Lonsdale, Iskate Productions.


“Working closely and directly with Jasmina definitely made it easier to wrap my head around the huge task of starting up my small home business. There where a lot of elements involved that I had no idea even existed, highly recommended if you want to get it done, and get it done right. ”

– Aarman Wright, Unkaged Ink.


“Jas has done copywriting for me on a number of projects. Her writing is always thorough and reads well. She can deliver anything from short punchy copy to lengthy but engaging pieces. Jas also finds it easy to understand and embody a brand, which I hold very valuable as a designer. Her skills save me a lot of time to focus on the rest of my business. And she’s a pleasure to work with.”

– Natalia Milovanovic, Natt.